Download Open Broadcaster Software Studio Full Crack Version 22.0.2

Apa itu Open Broadcaster Software?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS ) merupakan sebuah software gratis(open source) yang dapat digunakan untuk merekam maupun streaming yang disusun berdasarkan bahasa pemrograman C dan C++, OBS siap merekam kegiatan anda secara real-time atau langsung dan memiliki berbagai fungsi lain seperti scene composition, encoding, recording and broadcasting. 

Tranmisi datanya pun dilakukan secara Real Time Messaging Protocol dan dapat dikirimkan ke RTMP supporting tujuan (seperti YouTube) juga ditambah beberapa presets untuk proses streaming website seperti maupun DailyMotion.

Apa yang terbaru dari OBS Studio Version 22.0.2

  • Added audio compressor filter 
  • OBS Studio added a “color” source for displaying solid colors 
  • Added a similar network connection stability indicator as the classic, showing no congestion in green, yellow to increase congestion, starting to place frames in red 
  • OBS Studio add separate timers to the status bar for streaming and recording 
  • Add options to general settings: Always minimize to tray, save/restore projector when starting/shutdown, and options to start replay buffer automatically 
  • Add command line options: –startreplaybuffer, –minimize to tray 
  • OBS Studio Key 32 Bit Free Download added extra wide zoom distortion options for zoom filters 
  • Added an “Apply Lookup Table” video filter that allows the app to look up the table to modify the source color 
  • Open Broadcaster Software Crack add a warning message when the start of streaming/recording fails 
  • Added configurable Republican size for FFmpeg output 
  • Added a check box to custom FFmpeg output to allow use of any codec with a container format (because it can display fewer codecs than are usually compatible with some containers), but note that if Incompatible codecs are selected and may fail. 

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